Solutions / Industries

Our solution is used by the following industries

Commodity Trading Houses

Your data platform to identify market opportunities and reduce risk

  • Identify market opportunities

Accessing Trustworthy information permits to identify new market opportunities and potential customers.

  • Reduce risk

Manage your risk by having insights into market conditions, such as supply and demand, pricing trends, and regulatory changes.

  • Improve decision-making

We provide you with data and insights needed to make informed decisions about day-to-day actions related to commodity trading.

Food Manufacturers

Your data platform to understand market trends and manage inventory

  • Understand market trends

By staying informed about market trends, food producers can identify new procurement opportunities and make strategic decisions about when to buy commodities and adjust production planning

  • Make pricing decisions

Make informed decisions about product pricing based on commodity market trends and evolution

  • Manage Inventory

Based on market prices, supply and demand, make the right decisions for inventory management

Biofuel Producers

Your data platform to optimize production processes and ensure regulatory compliance

  • Select and source the right crop

We help you in the sourcing process of crops to cultivate, optimizing production efficiency and ensuring a sustainable supply chain.

  • Comply with regulatory requirements

Track and report key metrics required for regulatory compliance, ensuring adherence to legal requirements and certification standards

  • Improve decision-making

We provide you valuable market intelligence and insights into supply and demand dynamics for biofuels and feedstocks.


Your data platform to identity market opportunities and negotiate better prices

  • Identify market opportunities

Having access to market insights, farmers can make informed decisions about what to grow, when to harvest, and where to sell their products.

  • Optimize production

Leveraging insights, farmers can improve yields, reduce costs, and increase the quality of  products.

  • Negotiate better prices

By staying informed about market dynamics, farmers can identify when to sell their products and to whom, improving their bargaining power and profitability.

Financial Institutions

Your data platform to identity investment opportunities and access risk

  • Identify investment opportunities:

Staying informed about market trends, financial institutions can make more informed investment decisions that maximize returns and mitigate risk.

  • Assess credit risk

Assess the creditworthiness of agriculture and food production companies based on market trends and evolution

  • Define risk management strategies

Understanding the risks associated with commodity price volatility, weather-related risks, and regulatory risks, financial institutions can develop risk management strategies that minimize losses and protect their portfolios.

DNEXT provides market insights to identify market opportunities, better understand market trends, enhance risk management, improve decision-making & pricing decision.