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Dnext is a comprehensive commodity data platform, which collects data located in dispersed public and private databases such as government information, customs, lineups, or freight. But our mission goes far beyond simply providing data. We take advantage of the new possibilities offered by data science to develop unique analytical features, hence pushing the forecasting and data sharing options within companies and between them to the next level.

The most significant benefit for our customers is to enjoy a complete view of the market, based on multiple sources, with guarantees regarding data quality. Another advantage is for them to improve the management of their data governance strategy, by knowing exactly what data is collected and who can access it. The keyword here is transparency. In addition, the data sharing capabilities of the platform offer better collaboration possibilities, allowing commodity trading players to bridge organizational silos and improve their decision-making substantially.

Global agriculture data platform

for informed decisions

the process


Collection & Aggregation
of all needed data

Analytics tools.png

Use of advanced analytics tools to improve forecasts

SaaS platform.png

Powerful visualizations on

a Saas platform


Take advantage of the possibilities offered by AI & machine learning


Development of unique data

sharing features


Fragmented data

Hundreds of data sources from customs, lineups, prices, freight, S&D. Strong need for structured, normalized, integrated and reliable data for informed decisions.


Hundreds of data sources from customs, lineups, prices, freight, S&D. Strong need for structured



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