Innosuisse funds DNEXT’s project to provide Agriculture Commodities market with a higher quality forecasting based on ML and Transformer models

We are proud to announce that the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse) has approved our grant application and will fund our RESOUND project.

In the field of agriculture markets, the quality of information is central to deliver any reliable forecast or market appraisal. Unfortunately this is hard to reach for two reasons: (1) data sources are not always trustworthy, (2) forecasting models have to take into account heterogeneous data impaired with different levels of trust.

With the participation of two schools from the University of applied sciences and art, Western Switzerland(HES-SO), RESOUND aims to be the first-of-its-kind to provide a higher standard of information quality that involves the joint learning of trust and forecasting models. This resulting joint model is a unique innovation based on patent search at IPI (Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property). The platform improves the overall quality of information through continuous learning to understand what forecasting is reliable given the source that has delivered it.

This project will add a new service for existing customers and address current and new market segments, leveraging key market players and a better market understanding through a higher standard of forecasting quality.

HEPIA is one of the six schools of the Geneva-based campus of HES-SO. HEPIA comprises nine bachelor’s degree programs and four research institutes. Research activities at HEPIA particularly target the domains of urbanisation and sustainable development. One of the research institutes of HEPIA is the l’Institut d’ingénierie industrielle et informatique (inTECH) Information Technology and Telecommunications Institute (inSIT). It inSIT brings together skills in Data sciences & computational intelligence from Prof. Abdennadher Labs, and Networking, Trust, Privacy and security from Prof. El Maliki Labs.(Networking, Trust, Privacy and security.)

HEIA-FR – iCoSys
HEIA-FR is one of the 4 schools of the Fribourg-based campus of HES-SO. HEIA-FR comprises seven bachelor’s degree programs and ten research institutes. iCoSys is the institute of artificial intelligence and complex systems, aiming at developing solutions based on the latest research in AI, data science, distributed computing, software engineering and mathematical modeling. iCoSys conducts ~15 projects per year, and its current team includes 8 professors, 4 senior researchers, 24 scientific collaborators and 4 PhD students.

DNEXT is a dynamic and privately-owned Swiss-based company specialising in agriculture commodity expertise. As independent leaders in commodities market analysis and agricultural commodity market research, we offer unparalleled insights across the global agricultural landscape. From world agricultural supply and demand estimates to agricultural commodity market trends, our expertise spans the entire spectrum.

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